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Welcome to VGM Translations

VGM provides technical translation services specializing in legal translation (contracts/agreements, reports), medical and pharmaceutical translation of documentation to be filed with regulatory authorities, technical translation for the agro-export, mechanical metal, mining, naval, chemical and veterinary industries. 

VGM is highly specialized in technical translation for civil infrastructure projects, in regulatory affairs for pharmaceutical products, as well as in the translation of patents, a field that requires in-depth technical knowledge assuring precision as they seek to protect owners’ rights.

A patent protects a right, so precise patent translation, especially precise patent claim translation, is essential for the scope of protection sought by the ap...

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Why should a company specialized in medical translations and translations of other documents to be filed with regulatory authorities assure
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The specialization and training of our in-house staff allows us to assure a capacity to respond quickly. This is necessary in industry because fast translations...

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