At VGM, we are committed to your needs regarding:

1. Quality
2. Reliability
3. Price-quality ratio
4. Flexibility
5. Speed
6. Meeting deadlines
7. Technical specialization

Since 2009, VGM has been part of the Vivanco & García group (www.vivancoygarcia.com) that has been meeting translation needs since 1995 for clients from the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our cumulative experience since 1995 has given us the opportunity to create a quality system with two ISO 9001:2008 certifications, ISO 17100:2015 certification and quality metrics that comply with standard SAE J2450.

Our objective is to assure maximum quality and reliability.

VGM integrates the technical and human capabilities of technical qualified and skilled professionals to assure that your technical and legal translation needs are fully covered.

Dedication and commitment to the client have been the two basic pillars that have allowed us to become a reliable provider for some of the most renowned IP firms, pharmaceutical manufacturers and industries in three continents since 1995.

Translation Agency


Since 1995 Vivanco & García group (together with VGM for translation services in the Americas) has acquired 20+ years of experience that is conveyed in the translation of:

- Over 270 million words.
- Over 27,000 patent documents, regulatory affairs for pharmaceutical products, technical and legal manuals for the agro-export, manufacturing, mining and chemical industries and for civil contractors.

VGM translations are done by:

- In-house staff.
- Graduates with degrees in engineering, biology, pharmaceutical-chemical engineering and medicine.
- Staff that is carefully selected and trained to meet the demands of every client.
- Staff provided with training on a regular basis in various technical disciplines .

Our commitment to you:

We can efficiently handle your needs to compete in an increasingly competitive environment.
Our technical means allows us to handle all your translation needs:

1. Regardless of document size.
2. Meeting the deadline you set.

Translation Company


VGM quality is designed to assure maximum client satisfaction.


1. Has all your translations done by technically qualified in-house staff.
2. Meets your deadlines.
3. Complies with quality standards by reviewing your translations three times.
4. Assures that you do not waste man-hours reviewing translations instead of performing other tasks.
5. Provides clear and concise estimates with no extra last-minute charges for specialization or review.
6. Lets you avoid the nightmare of very long rush jobs.
7. Knows your operating needs. You cannot lose business or a client because of a lack of or a quick response.
8. Is responsible for translation quality because it is aware of the problems a poor translation can cause.
9. Unlike other providers who initially start out well and later let unsustainable quality levels drop, our certified quality is permanent.
10. For that purpose work with quality metrics to have control indicators assuring translation quality of patents, regulatory documents, manuals and contracts/agreements.

Sooner or later, poor technical translation quality will catch up with you. Avoid extra costs for a poor translation as a result of our quality controls that work to put your mind at ease.

Our certifications are subjected to demanding quality audits every year. Every certification that is renewed on a yearly basis is proof that the quality levels conveyed to our translations are strictly and permanently monitored.

Certified quality circuit 

Quality system flow audited and certified by:

Certificacion ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas  company with certified iso 17100

Translation Company




- Because we understand your company’s operating needs and challenges.
- Because we are in the best position to translate, localize or edit your documents.
- Because we assure the most trustworthy, reliable and traceable service at your disposal.

To us, you and earning your trust is of the utmost importance!

Translation Company


Our processes are designed to prevent the information you entrust to VGM from being disclosed. Our security protocols are adapted to your specific demands in relation to:

- Documentation return.
- Documentation destruction.
- Conservation of documentation.

VGM assures that the company’s facilities, servers and networks meet even the most demanding security standards. We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients.

Translation Company