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Patent Translation

A patent protects a right, so precise patent translation, especially precise patent claim translation, is essential for the scope of protection sought by the applicant.

Therefore, maximum accuracy and precision in translation is crucial because an undetected error will affect patent validity.

Can any translator translate patents? No, not if the translator does not understand that patent translation combines legal concepts, the need for technical resources, knowledge of the demanding IP world and proper technical qualification to understand the technology being translated for protection in the country where the patent translation is filed.

We are pleased to give a positive account of the excellent service, punctuality, compliance, professionalism, flexibility, work capacity and commitment that VGM Perú S.A. has always provided, in addition to the technical quality of the delivered work.

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Is it a good idea to ask a non-native English speaker to translate a patent to English, who has no technical qualification or experience in patent translation?

How can you defend your patent against a technical opposition from the intended patent office because of a poor translation? How much will it cost you?

Can a poor translation lead to the revocation of your patent?

How will you then respond to your client?

Patent Prosecution or Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) dynamics require IP firms to be able to react quickly and to offer translations according to international treaties that require strictly meeting deadlines.

VGM specializes in quality translations and in solutions designed to assure support in translating large volumes of patents that have very tight deadlines.

Your translations must guarantee being able to successfully overcome any incident a patent may be subjected to over its lifetime.

20+ years of our group’s experience on the international patent translation market makes VGM the company of choice for translating your national patents to and from a number of languages, European patents and international patents filed as a PCT.

With the support of Vivanco & García group, VGM provides the experience you need to be certain that all your patents are translated by in-house staff that is trained and qualified to translate patents in the following fields:

• Aeronautics
• Agriculture and Food Technology
• Armament
• Automotive Industry
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Electricity and Electronics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mining
• Nanotechnology
• Pharmacy
• Robotics
• Telecommunications
• Textile Industry
• Veterinary Medicine

You can also trust us to translate:

• Applications for the Protection of Plant Varieties
• Trademark Classes
• Priority Documents
• Prior Art Searches
• Expert Reports
• Product Authorization Agreements
• Agreements for assigning Intellectual Property Rights
• Communications with any Patent Office
• Replies to Patent Offices
• Documentation relating to patent and trademark infringement lawsuits
• Letters, internal communications and e-mails

And we do all this using the legally required terminology, style and format required for each document.

VGM always sends your translations ready to be filed in any foreign patent office.

Because you cannot afford surprises like a patent opposition or revocation that will cost you money and professional reputation.

For further information or an estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.